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Prerequisites to Learn Carnatic Vocal

Carnatic Vocal is the Classical Music of Traditional Southern India. Mastering this Art Form is considered as a privilege and also passed on as an inheritance to the future generations. As very well said by many of our Carnatic Music Maestros – Carnatic Music is one of the divine art forms which is most complex and for understanding it; one needs great Passion, Perseverance & Determination. If you are one such person, we are here to train you to the best!

Practising Carnatic Music :

One has to understand different Elements of Carnatic Music. Mainly – "Ragam" (the mode) & "Talam" (basis of rhythm). All Ragas are based on Swaras. Combination of Ragam & Talam makes several beautiful compositions. These compositions must be rigorously rendered for perfection.

Learn Carnatic Classical Music

Practice Makes Perfect! Absolutely! And there is no alternative for it!

Committed practice is a must for a strong foundation to achieve excellence. We at Saamaveda Music Academy place a great emphasize on mastering the fundamentals.

Saraliswaras / Sarali varasai are said to be the basic building blocks of carnatic music. We emphasize on making a structured routine for all our students to practise the basic lessons in various speeds every day for both Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental Classes which helps them to get better each day. Our rigorous practice sessions help understand Swarastana – the variations of swaras, as well voice training which lay a strong foundation on the Basics of Carnatic Music, both theory as well practical singing.

Our curriculum is structured into different levels for the ease of the students:

  • Carnatic Vocal For Beginners
  • Intermediate Carnatic Vocal
  • Advanced Carnatic Vocal

Our Music Teachers will guide the students on the practice required for each level. Once the students get thorough with a Level, they can move to the next level. We usually conduct mock tests to understand their expertise at each level.

We provide special training for the students appearing for Government certificate & diploma Exams for both Carnatic Vocal & Violin. Though we cover all the Government Music Schools Syllabus, Our prominence is Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Music examination syllabus, as most of our students belong there.

Printed material/ Notes will be provided for all the students. Our Teachers will guide you on the examination pattern and the reference books.