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Online Veena Classes

Online Veena Classes

Veena is said to be the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Vina/Veena is known for its significance that is, it is the ornament of goddess Saraswathi. From the ancient Indian culture, Veena has continued its journey and evolved into many forms. This instrument has different names in various regions. VichitraVeena is the instrument played by Hindustani Music practitioners while SaraswathiVeena played in Carnatic Music. Also, RudraVeena is one more variety, which is played by Lord Parvathi Devi to shower her love and worship to Lord Siva. Though there are wide varieties of Veena instruments available in many cultures, people worship Veena as a symbol of the god. In many countries, even foreigners show their interest to learn Veena. So, we are privileged to share our knowledge to one who wish to learn the Veena with passion.

Veena Classes Online at Saamaveda Music Academy

Saamaveda Music Academy is one of the best music institutes in the country. Learners can experience the best training from the academy in Vocal and instrument classes. Faculty with Masters and Ph.D. in music will be training the students with one-to-one care. The academy providing Veena Online Classes for the students who cannot attend the class room sessions. People from various countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and other places are availing the Veena classes through online. Online classes will be rendered on the most popular platform, Skype. Along with the classes, video recordings of the conducted classes will be provided to learners to refer them whenever they want. Learners can explore the Indian Classical Music – Carnatic Music with the help of the academy.

Veena Teaching Methodologies and Course Details

Learners will be given on time Veena Classes and concerned notes by the teachers. Complete theory about the instrument (Veena), basics about the instrument, and finally, playing of the instrument will be taught in classes. Students will be provided withinstant doubt clarification, perfect training in Veena notations, finger placements, and complete guidance throughout their learning sessions will be given. Initially, Carnatic music basics will be taught to the learners and they will be trained to play any of the desired songs on Veena.

Who Can Learn Veena?

Interest is the only parameter to learn. Without any age restriction, any one from the age group of 8 years and above can learn Veena. One can start their musical journey of Veena from today. People with no knowledge of Classical Music and having interest to learn Veena can join. And people who already started Veena classes earlier and discontinued can now continue their learning. Advanced learners who wish to polish their knowledge further can also join our academy.

Veena Certification Courses

We offer Veena certification courses in Diploma, Degree, and Master’s Degree. Along with Veena training, learners will be encouraged to complete the exams to get the certification. People who are desirous to become Veena teachers can reach their goals with the help of the certification. People who are seeking to make Veena as their career can complete the certification exams. Our trainers will help the learners in achieving their goals.

Contact Info

Free Demo Class: People seeking to learn Veena can attend the free demo classes at out academy/online. To attend the demo classes they have to register on WhatsApp +91 9866513521.

Website: Visit to check the Carnatic music vocals and instruments information.

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