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Tabla Classes

Tabla is one of the ancient musical instruments that belongs to the classical instruments family. This musical instrument was in use from 18th century. The name Tabla is resultant of the Arabic word Tabl, which means drum. Two different drums with different shapes and sizes will be played parallel to extract a unique sound. It is most popularly known for Quwali. Tabla has got more specialty for its uniqueness and it is played in Bhajans and Keerthans. ZakirHussain is the most popular Tabla player known to everyone across the globe. This instrument is being played in various countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,Nepal, and Pakistan. Even in India, this musical instrument has got huge respect. Across the globe many of the people wish to learn Tabla as it got a special magnetism. One who is seeking to learn Tabla Course Online, or from the classroom can contact the Saamaveda Music Academy for quality training.

Tabla Classes Online

Tabla is having a special place in Indian Classical Music and Carnatic Music. People who are having passion to learn Tabla can join our institute for group or individual training. Saamaveda Music Academy having various branches across India. Aspirants seeking to learn Tabla in online or classroom sessions can contact us. Our institute having thousands of learners across the globe. Institute is providing Online Music Classes for USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Saudi, and many other nations.Online Tabla Classes will be provided to people who cannot attend the classroom sessions. Anyone who are desirous to learn Tabla can start their musical journey today!!

Who can learn Tabla

Learning Tabla has no age specifications. From children to adults of any age group above 6 years can start learning the Tabla. Well-qualified faculty will teach the subject professionally to each and every student. Students seeking to learn individually can join the separate classes and people who wish to continue with the group classes can join the combined classes. In any of the classes students will be given special attention to learn the Tabla proficiently. All the stages of learners like beginners, intermediate, and advanced stage learners can join the Tabla Course. Instant doubt rectification sessions, complete notes, digital classes backup, and best tips will be shared by the faculty during the course of learning.

What will be taught in Tabla Course?

Coming to the topics covered in the course, Traka&Tunna the basic info, 10 beat TaalZaptaak, 12 beat TaalEktaal, and much other advanced topics will be covered. Learners will be trained to play the Tabla proficiently in various concerts, bhajans, keerthans, and other places. As we promised, students will be trained to get perfection in the course. Practice sessions will be conducted for both online and offline classes. Coming to Online, the classes will be taken on Skype platform. Students who stay anywhere across the globe can get classes online. Online class recordings will be offered for the students to practice further. After the completion of the course, learners will be encouraged to gain the Tabla Certification. Tutors will be guiding the learners about Tabla courses like Diploma, Degree, and PG Courses. With the help of the certification, one can hire best jobs.

Attend Free Demo

Saamaveda Music Academy offering a free demo for the learners who wish to join the Tabla Course. To get the Tabla Demo Class Online, register through the Whatsapp+91 9866513521.

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