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Mridangam is also known as “Deva Vadyam” is a divine instrument and one of the most widely used rhythmic accompaniment (pakka vadyam) in Carnatic musical concerts. It belongs to the percussion family with more than 2000 years of Indian history. We are glad to find you here to Learn Mridangam Online. An ancient origin and a divine instrument!

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Saamaveda Music Academy is one of the Best Indian Classical Music Institutes to provide both One to One and Private Mridangam classes in both online and offline teaching. Students can choose their preferable timings and mode of learning as per their convenience.

Our Carnatic Mridangam Classes classified into three different levels which cover the entire spectrum of playing Mridangam.

  • Mridangam Classes for Beginners
  • Intermediate Mridangam Classes
  • Advanced Mridangam Classes

Each of these levels we will cover basic to professional level concepts including:

Tuning, clear and perfect fingering techniques, various intricate rhythmic syllables, demonstration of Gathi Bedham (change of speed), aruthis, moras, korvais, improvisations, Playing in harmony with the vocalist, balance and coordination, hard and soft touch, sound sensitivity, accompanied for a song with different strokes & syllables, mastering patterns and techniques like Pecking, Gumki, Arai Chapu followed by detailed Taniavarthanams in different talas, necessary elements of the theory, and prepare students for solo performances and group concerts. Detailed information about the course curriculum will be available during the demo.

Do not doubt about the experience concerning the learning Mridangam classes Online! We are here to train you at best.

Our well-structured course, Interactive sessions, Innovative teaching methodologies, and our best Mridangam Tutors makes it easy for students to quickly grasp the lessons thoroughly even through online teaching. Also, our Skype classes give a Visual Learning Experience to the students.

To master this instrument, one must know the balance between the powerful, aggressive and delicate fingering techniques. To attain this, the student has to master the basic Mridangam exercises until perfection. Our online classes are accessible to everyone passionate around the world.

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