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Online Carnatic Violin Classes

Introduction to Carnatic Violin

We provide online one to one Private classes, Group Carnatic violin classes via Skype for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced course learners for all ages and locations. Students can choose either Group classes or Private Classes. Many prefer private violin classes during weekdays followed by an interactive session during the weekend to ensure each student co-ordinates with one another for group violin playing.

Carnatic Music Violin Basics

We understand that each student’s learning abilities are different. Our personalised violin classes help students focus deeper, identify their flaws, rectify them and progress quickly.Violin can mimic almost the entire possible human voice range and became an integral part of Carnatic music concerts. It is used as an accompanying instrument or Pakka Vadya in all the Carnatic Musical Concerts. It is one of the most appropriate musical instruments for playing melodies which is learned and adapted to suit Carnatic Music.

If “Music is Life” then “Violin is its Soul!” – understanding the musical instrument is the key!

Carnatic Music Violin Lessons

We at Saamaveda Music Academy, provide a special detailed session on Carnatic Violin Basics which focuses on explaining the Key components of Violin, Guiding our students on different types of violins and brands for purchase, ergonomics of violin playing, Indian Violin Posture, Handling bow, Tuning Violin, Finger Positions, Adjusting Sruthi, Identifying Sruthi patterns. Reading, identifying notations will be explained in the follow-up classes for a detailed understanding of the instrument. Violin Tuning Techniques with the help of tuning fork, digital tuner, and other apps are also a part of the course. Students can choose their flexible timings with home-based comfortable learning.

A violinist needs to develop musical knowledge, rhythm, sharper listening skills & agility to reproduce the same in a shorter period. All our students joining instrumental classes are initially trained with Carnatic Vocal Lessons to understand and produce the same on the Violin. This process repeats as they progress in both Carnatic Vocal as well as the instrument. All students will be guided in a comfortable position to hold the Violin, bowing techniques, and the contact points on the strings for the pleasant sound. A student with strong determination, a combination of high-quality techniques and consistent practice for several years can become an acclaimed violinist

Learn Carnatic Violin Online

Our curriculum is structured into different levels for the ease of the students:

  • Carnatic Violin classes For Beginners
  • Intermediate Violin classes
  • Advanced Violin classes

For more details about the Carnatic Violin course, contact us over WhatsApp or, Join us in the Free demo.