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Carnatic Music Academy in Hyderabad

Saamaveda is one of the.Best Carnatic Classical Music academies.for providing classes both online and offline. We have all our branches.located in and around Hyderabad. We are one of the top-rated.Carnatic Music Academies near Gachibowli Miyapur, Madhapur Kondapur, and Madinaguda.areas.

Saamaveda Music Academy has setup its.Digital recording studio near Motinagar – Ameerpet.area in 2020.The purpose of this.Professional Audio Recording.Studio in Hyderabad.with all the latest equipment is to encourage and nurture young talents.

We have recorded more than 30+.Carnatic Music Tutorials and Carnatic Classical Songs.exclusively for.Saamaveda Music Academy Youtube.Channel,.and 500+.Professional Audio Recordings.for different projects and clients within a short span. We have collaborated with many artists and empowered many budding artists during this process.

Please check out the videos in the link given below to assess the Audio Quality.

Our academy branches are in different areas within and around the city. Each branch offers a different set of courses and curriculum prioritised as per the needs of our students.

Carnatic Music Classes in Gachibowli
Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental classes near Miyapur Madinaguda
Carnatic Vocal classes in Kondapur

Our applicants have several questions about the courses offered in different branches. We have listed the details here for your understanding.

Where are Saamaveda Music Academy's main branches located?

Our academy's main branches are at Gachibowli, Madhapur Kondapur, Miyapur Madinaguda areas.

What are the courses offered in these branches?

Saamaveda Music Academy in Gachibowli Madhapur offers Hindustani as well as Carnatic Vocal and Violin Courses, whereas Madinaguda Miyapur branches offer Carnatic Vocal and other Instrumental Classes.

Does the academy provide any trainings for Carnatic Music Certifications?

Yes. Majority of the students are undergo training for different certification courses like Carnatic music Certificate Course and Carnatic Music Diploma examinations. Beside these we also have regular classes for both Carnatic Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Violin, Keyboard, Veena, Flute, Saxophone, Mrudangam, and Tabla – are a few Carnatic Instrumental Classes that we provide. We offer these classes in both offline and online modes of teaching.

Does the academy provide any transportation to the students for these long-term courses? Are the timings flexible?

Students can discuss with the concerned teacher for their flexible timings and plan their classes accordingly.

Earlier, we had a transportation facility exclusively for attending Carnatic Music Classes in Gachibowli and Kondapur branches. This arrangement was made for student's ease in regularity with the classes regardless of their busy schedules and traffic.Unfortunately, there was a discontinuance of these services during the pandemic.We are planning to resume it shortly.Students get notified about the transportation availability over Whatsapp and email. Register here.

What makes us Unique from other Top Carnatic Musical Academies?

Our Academy principles are very straight and simple. We understand that each student's capabilities are different. They have to be addressed under proper guidance. Before considering a student in our academy, we guide the parents and students on the various teaching methodologies that we follow here.

We have limited students in each batch. So we have multiple branches across the city and state. Currently, we have Carnatic Vocal and Instrumental Group Classes and one-on-one classes in all our branches.

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