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We at Saamaveda Music Academy believe in learning music as a roothold of our Indian culture and a path to the Divinity. We have a strong vision to provide “MUSIC FOR ALL” at affordable prices and flexible timings. The main motto of the Academy is to spread the culture of South Indian Classical Music to the world by teaching and strengthening the roots of Carnatic Classical Music to our next generations.

With 21 years of experience, we are specialised in training students worldwide of all age groups at different levels of Carnatic and Hindustani Music through both online and offline modes of teaching. We also offer a wide range of music courses which include: Carnatic vocal, Hindustani vocal, Tyagaraja kritis, Annamacharya sankeerthanas, Bhajans, Semi- classical, Light music and instruments like Violin, Veena, Keyboard, Flute, Mridangam, Tabla( click here to see the list of available online music courses) to cater to the needs of the students worldwide. Our teaching methodologies are so unique and focused on each individual student with a highly structured curriculum aimed for a clear progressive path. Special training are available for Government Certification or Diploma in South Indian Carnatic Classical Music. Both individual 1-on-1 and group classes are available and one can choose as per their convenience.

We take the privilege of holding First Online Music Classes since 2008 and have a Very Ambitious and Highly Qualified Music Teachers who can withhold and drive the passion of the students by training them in different modes of music like light music/kritis or kirtanas during the regular Carnatic Music Lessons to drive and sustain their interest in their passion.

Progress happens with practice and we at Saamaveda Music Academy give intense practice for a strong foundation for each level of course that is opted and also provide the recorded lessons to the students for their home practice. With the right Guru and right teaching methodologies music can be made easy to be learnt by anyone!

If you have an Interest and Passion to Learn, Why wait? Join Us and we are here to guide you to the best at your convenience.

Good Luck and Welcome to the World of Carnatic Music.

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